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Intuitive Readings

Deep Trance Meditation     -     $250

Jessica Cottrell MA LPC-AT, CCTP offers a Deep Trance Meditation Reading.  While in a sleep like state Jessica connects with the Quantum Field.  The Field is contained in the energy vibrations of the universe. It is within and around us. Otherwise known as the Super-conscious mind or Akashic Records.

During this timed reading, 60 minutes, a client will ask questions exploring topics from the mental, physical and emotional causes of health issues, relationship problems, blocks to success, past lives, future concerns, ect. 

may reveal the circumstances surrounding that pain and help you to heal it through understanding its source.

Do you have particular questions regarding your own spiritual progression or your own gifts and abilities? The answer may be revealed through this type of session.

Jessica was taught by Dr. Douglas James Cottrell through quantum meditation to scan a person's body searching system by system for health concerns and healing remedies.  

This type of reading requires Jessica to prepare her energy including rest and diet.  Please respect her efforts and be prepared to pay for the reading when scheduling.  Jessica will be in trance when you arrive and a conductor will assist you.  Please arrive with questions prepared and in hand.  You will leave with a video recording of the session and a short time to discuss the session with Jessica afterwards.

Tarot Reading    -     $65 for 20 Minutes       $120 for 40 minutes
General readings usually geared towards love career and messages from the universe.  Come prepared with questions if you desire specifics.  Tarot is chosen usually when a person does not know what to ask but has concerns.

Covers everything you want and need to know!

Past - Present - Future of current situations, finances, relationships, family, work, children, energy for yourself or others.  

Psychic Consultation     -     $200 for 1 hour
Similar to a counseling session a client is allowed to ask Jessica's psychic impressions on any topic.  These sessions are usually for those who have specific questions and desire discussion on the topic.

This service includes a 60 minute "Intuitive" session.

Jessica gives you her clairvoyant and clairaudient insight, guidance, and advice on everyday issues from health, relationships, finance, etc.
She can help you come up with options for stressful situations you are facing and give insight into the future outcome of a decision. This may help you make a more informed choice now, when faced with several options.
It is advised to prepare your questions PRIOR to your session, so your time allotted is used to its fullest capacity. 

 If a question is to be asked is about someone else, it is highly recommended to make sure they are ok with this prior to the session, as if they are not, when she attempts to see them, there is the possibility they may not show themselves or be willing to allow her to access the information inquired upon. 

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